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Inside our membership platform we aim to support and share the love with you so that you feel nurtured, discover new things and grow in some way that will be unique to your special journey in life and the things that you need to learn now.  We cover topics like conscious business strategies, marketing advise, money and finances, health and wellness, family and yes even woo woo discussions on energy, inner wisdom and all things in between.  With loads of articles, videos and advise on business, wellness and all things conscious, members only product discounts and special offers, access to conscious educational webinars, behind the scenes footage from our events and a members only forum you can connect with other like minded women in a safe environment. So what are you waiting for?

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The Board Game

Hear from entrepreneur Tenille Bentley on what its like to be on the board of some of the biggest names in business.

Coconut Pancakes

Tasty recipe to keep you covered over the winter months.

Mummy Guilt

Mummys guilt is a real thing, Bexx Boyd talks about the daily struggles of being a mum.

Women Inspiring Women to Impact the World

Our team of thought leaders and prominent business women have come together with one common passion: to uncover the greatness within every woman in this world. We believe women have the internal feminine strength and heart to create incredible change. Secrets in the Garden is a reminder for women to put themselves first, discover their confidence, find love for themselves and establish their strength to lead. Our team combines over 20 years experience in the events industry, acclaimed social media expertise and over 30 years of marketing and sponsorship knowledge to create a memorable and nostalgic event for patrons and a highly rewarding event for all partners involved.

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